Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Bootleg Horchata Recipe


(I made ONE single mug. Obviously double, triple, quadruple recipe depending on how much you want to make.)

-Left over rice water (the stuff you strain out when you have too much water in the pot after the rice is cooked)

-Soy milk (Sweetened, plain, or vanilla)



Mix ratio 1:1 of rice water and soy milk (I used semi-sweetened, I think vanilla would be best) in a mug.

Zap in microwave until it boils (or over stove..but in that case put it in a pot..).

Add one to two teaspoons of sugar depending on the sweetness of your soy milk.

Shake as much cinnamon as you'd like there. I did 5 shakes.

Let cool and taste. Adjust sugar and cinnamon if something is lacking. Cool in fridge, then add ice and enjoy! Use a straw. It makes it last longer.

PS: I drank it warm, but only because it's cold here... and I couldn't wait.

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  1. i can tell you like horchata by the size of your ass

  2. holy shit that was awesome!! the girl reminded me of aurea haha