Thursday, October 21, 2010

bad dream, bad bad dream!! go to your room, no supper for you.

ok so i had a dream last night that we ate my poor dog. please don't judge me as it was only a dream and i bet you have had worse! anyway i don't think we had any food, and it seemed like such a normal thing to do until afterwards..because afterwards i felt so incredibly awful! i mean like sick to my stomach with guilt and sadness and panic kind of awful! and i thought "what am i gonna tell my mom???" [cause she's obsessed with him. that's like her child almost more so than i'm her child..]

anyway luckily i didn't have to tell her anything since it was a dream :)

here is my darling dog Poncho who i will never, ever, not ever even if i were to die of starvation eat:

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